Why REITs will likely beat other stocks in 2024? (2024)

Why REITs will likely beat other stocks in 2024?

REITs Could Offer Investment Opportunities in 2024

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Why REITs are better than stocks?

REITs Are Traditionally Less Volatile 💸

As REITs offer a more resilient cash flow, they are also usually less volatile than some stocks. A measurement of systematic risk, the Beta, confirms this because the Beta of US REITs has in most time periods been remarkably low.

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Is it a good time to invest in REITs now?

The generous dividend payments enjoyed by REIT investors may look particularly attractive moving forward. With rate cuts on the horizon, dividend yields for REITs may look more favorable than yields on fixed-income securities and money market accounts.

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Why are REITs performing well?

This is because rising rates generally reflect improvement in the underlying fundamentals. Market interest rates typically increase during periods when macroeconomic conditions are strengthening, the same strengthening that often drives positive REIT investment performance.

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How will REITs do in 2024?

The valuation divergence between REITs and private real estate will likely converge in 2024, making REITs an attractive option for investors. Solid balance sheets will enable REITs to navigate ongoing economic uncertainty while providing an advantage in terms of acquisitions and growth.

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What will happen to stocks in 2024?

"Some traders predict a flat or down market in the first half of 2024 due to high inflation, recession fears and rate hikes from the Fed. However, others foresee a bull market continuing, citing potential Fed rate cuts, earnings growth and historical trends around election years."

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Is it better to invest in stocks or REIT?

If you are interested in a real estate investment that is reliable, hands-off and offers dividends, REITs could be the answer. If you're looking for a higher-risk – but high-potential – investment or want to be able to invest in specific companies you admire, buying individual stocks could be the answer.

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Why are REITs performing poorly?

A high interest rate environment and bearish investor sentiments have made it a tough year for REIT companies. In general, REITs are underperforming the real estate sector, which isn't exactly having the best year of its life either.

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What is the downside of REITs?

A potential drawback of purchasing non-traded REITs are the high up-front fees. Investors can expect to pay fees, which include commission and fees, between 9 and 10% of the entire investment.

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Why not to buy REITs?

The value of a REIT is based on the real estate market, so if interest rates increase and the demand for properties goes down as a result, it could lead to lower property values, negatively impacting the value of your investment.

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What I wish I knew before investing in REITs?

This is the biggest and most important mistake that REIT investors keep on making. They see REITs as "income vehicles" and therefore, they will select their investments based on their dividend yield. In their mind, the higher the better. But in reality, the dividend is just a capital allocation decision.

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What is the future outlook for REITs?

The REIT market is forecast to grow at a CAGR of 2.8% from 2022 to 2027. The market size is estimated to increase by $333.01 billion from 2022 to 2027. Top REIT manufacturers globally include Omega Healthcare Investors, Iron Mountain, Federal Realty, STAG Industrial, W.P.

Why REITs will likely beat other stocks in 2024? (2024)
Do REITs beat S&P 500?

Stocks have delivered higher returns in recent years, with the S&P 500 beating REITs over the previous five- and 10-year periods. However, the overall data shows that REITs have outperformed stocks over the long term.

What happens to REITs when interest rates go down?

REITs. When interest rates are falling, dependable, regular income investments become harder to find. This benefits high-quality real estate investment trusts, or REITs. Strictly speaking, REITs are not fixed-income securities; their dividends are not predetermined but are based on income generated from real estate.

What is the best investment right now?

7 best investments right now
  • High-yield savings accounts.
  • Certificates of deposit (CDs)
  • Bonds.
  • Funds.
  • Stocks.
  • Alternative investments and cryptocurrencies.
  • Real estate.
Jan 23, 2024

Do REITs go down during recession?

The FTSE Nareit All Equity index, consisting of REITs that exclude mortgages, generated a 15.9% annualized return during recessions and 22.7% in the year following the end of a downturn, according to the National Association of Real Estate Investment Trusts.

What is the 90% rule for REITs?

To qualify as a REIT, a company must have the bulk of its assets and income connected to real estate investment and must distribute at least 90 percent of its taxable income to shareholders annually in the form of dividends.

Will 2024 be a good year for the stock market?

For 2024, the consensus among most analysts is a modest single-digit gain for stocks. The median projection calls for the S&P 500 to rise by about 8%, while some of the biggest Wall Street companies, including JPMorgan Chase (NYSE: JPM) and Morgan Stanley (NYSE: MS), expect the S&P to fall in 2024.

What stocks will do well in 2024?

Meet The Magnificent Seven Of 2024
CompanyTickerMarket value gain ($ bil)**
3 more rows
Jan 2, 2024

Which sectors will do well in 2024?

Sectors delivering strong earnings would continue to remain attractive. We remain overweight on financials, discretionary consumption, industrials, real estate, auto and healthcare. Domestic cyclicals plus manufacturing and capex/industrial themes should continue to do well in 2024, in our view.

What are the investment trends for 2024?

Longevity, decarbonization and technology disruption could provide long-term investment opportunities. Investors should always be thinking about longevity. But that is particularly true this year, when it's difficult to look past momentous events that are coming up quickly.

What is better than REITs?

Direct real estate offers more tax breaks than REIT investments, and gives investors more control over decision making. Many REITs are publicly traded on exchanges, so they're easier to buy and sell than traditional real estate.

Is it safe to buy REIT stocks?

Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) are considered relatively safe investments compared to other investments. However, like any investment, REITs also come with certain risks.

Are REITs as risky as stocks?

Publicly traded REITs offer investors a way to add real estate to an investment portfolio or retirement account and earn an attractive dividend. Publicly traded REITs are a safer play than their non-exchange counterparts, but there are still risks.

Can REITs go to zero?

But since REITs are invested in property, there's more protection against the horror show of having shares crash to $0. By law, 75% of a REITs asset must be invested in real estate. The market value of the property owned by the REIT offers a bit of protection, as long as the value of the property doesn't go to zero.


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